steven KP

The objects we carry with us hold the potential to incite conflict or welcome compassion within ourselves and in our interactions with the world around us.

Steven KP is an artist, jeweler and writer currently based in Providence, Rhode Island. By co-opting the iconography, nomenclature, and format of traditional ornamental adornment, he seeks to subvert the conventionally expected, innocuous function of these objects. This appropriation seeks to expose their power to reinforce or to destabilize how we see ourselves, one another, and the systems in which we exist. Through this investigation and intervention, he hopes to initiate discourse around the binaries of healing and hurting, trauma and therapy, belief and bereavement  – all of the extremes of what it means when something “has been.” The work functions as armor that protects the wearer against the world, while also exposing a vulnerability to its pressures. By revealing this space that exists between extremes, the work emphasizes the futility in attempting to hold onto what has been. It is what we do with the instability and uncertainty that arises with this confrontation that interests him.

Steven KP is currently a Masters of Fine Arts candidate at the Rhode Island School of Design.


Masters of Fine Arts (Metalsmithing and Jewelry), Rhode Island School of Design, Class of 2020 (Candidate)

Bachelors of Fine Arts (Metalsmithing and Print Media), University of Wisconsin -Madison, Class of 2017



Center for Craft, Windgate Fellow

University of Wisconsin - Madison, Hilldale Undergraduate Research Fellow

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